(almost) 500 years later

The first recording session.

A year ago I was obsessing over Critical Role, Clara Schumann and what the best hefeweizen is. Now, I am in a 19th century church in the Shenandoah Valley recording music from 1536.

Surprisingly, it makes sense for me.

Side note: good guitar dresses are hard to find.

Today, I had the privilege of recording two videos at Trinity Episcopal Church (shoutout to Professor DiFranco and Christian for helping me out with this, the videos wouldn’t have happened with out you guys or Dr. Bloss at SU) I feel honored to be able to use this sacred space.

Sanctuary at Trinity Episcopal Church

I recorded, with the help of Galen Clark and Zach Hubbard, “Benedictus” by Heinrich Isaac, arranged by Hans Neusidler for solo lute in 1536 and then arranged for guitar by me in…2018. Also, “Wascha Mesa and Der Hupff Auff” with the same lineage. Note: with the latter two pieces, I am not the first to arrange these for guitar. These are actually relatively popular as German lute music goes. 

Nevertheless, they slap. I can’t wait to share these videos with you.

Coming soon.

Zach and Galen


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